I love needle felting. Somehow there is something relaxing about plunging a sharp object into something soft again and again ... in the process of creation of course.
It also makes things look so real. This is Mojave the friendly neighborhood pocket sloth. I think he is the cutest ever and I can't stop looking at him.

These record dish cloths/trivets were another idea I had, but I don't think I am a strong enough crocheter to put them for sale. But I might just get there with enough practice.

Also, I think I might have a new job! Interview went well, and I start next week to see if they like me. I hope they like me ... I like me and I am a very fast learner. Now lets just see about that crocheting ...


Barbra said...

Too cute. Never tried needle felting...I know I'd end up with more holes than a pin cushion!

marathon1981 said...

Thanks (: Its surprisingly easy, so long as you don't lance your fingers!


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