A personal victory

This is a special week for me, and I am using my little Etsy shop to celebrate, by having a Divorce Week Sale! Free shipping on clothing and other discounted objects.

After a ridiculously long wait, it is finally official and the paper work is finished and the deal is done. Now I just have to change my name on a lot of documents. Now Michael and Gwynedd and I can get on with our lives.

In the time it took for one person to figure out their own shit, I've met someone else, had a family, started a business, and have taken half a degree in school. Well I wasn't going to wait around while life was ticking along. So this is a happy week for us all.

I spend last night by my onesie and watched one of my favorite films, Amelie, ate rich foods and drank beer till my hearts content. It was and excellent way to celebrate.

After all, if it hadn't all happened the way it was meant to, I wouldn't have these lovelies.

Happily ever after TO ME!

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