for real!

I made my first two sales on Etsy this week ... which totally made my whole month!
Sometimes when I start something I get really stoked for the potential results ... I go ahead and start and then I doubt my original enthusiasm and wonder if everything I think is awesome, is really lame ...

I should really learn to trust my sense of awesome and run with ideas.

There is this one idea I have for starting a road trip ride network for people from Winnipeg who want to go to shows in Minneapolis. Winnipeg gets some ok bands in, but most of the really good ones don't come to the prairies. They hit Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal and then down to Minneapolis. It is only an 8 hour drive and lots of people from Winnipeg go, so I though of creating a way to connect Winnipeggers who are going down with others who like the same band and they can split the gas so it's way cheaper for everyone.

Pretty good right? I am just not the networking type of person ... at least I don't think I am. Maybe I have a hidden networker behind my rude/shy/loudmouth exterior.

Here is my latest make. Montag the Water buffalo. Ok so he isn't a wildebeest, but I think he has better horns than a wildebeest.

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