a new age

Yesterday was my birthday which turned out better than I thought. I normally dread my birthday, because I fear that I will forget about it, or that everyone else will, even though it is not a big deal.

I went garagesaleing on my bike and then took my daughter to the farmers market where we got cookies, soap and a sunflower for the porch. I ran into my friend Emily that morning and we made plans to go for a drink in the evening, where she brought me the most clever gift and made my heart happy.

I think the '?' was also a shot ... we had a good time. Turns out I am better at Guitar Hero after a few drinks.

Today Mike and Gwyn and I wandered into an antique shop in the Exchange District just for kicks and we happened to come across a drum set, Gwyn size. We basically couldn't say no after she started banging away on it with pretty good accuracy for a 10 month old.

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