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marathon1981 creatures have been multiplying ...
you can now find creatures at Neechi Commons in Winnipeg at 865 Main St.

Follow marathon1981 on instagram for updates and in progress projects.

Some photos from the Cute and Awful show hosted at Deer and Almond
Photos by Caitlin


Upcoming shows in Winnipeg!

I'm so excited for the craft sale season be in in full swing! Last weekend I had the chance to attend some shows as a shopper and visit my crafty friends from the other side of the table which was great!

But this month I will be behind the table bringing you some of the most unique creatures and animals. Find me at these wonderful sales in Winnipeg.

I will also be participating as a model for Project Broadway, a fundraiser for Art City ... the most wonderful place in West Broadway. I have "donated" my hair, which is now the most bright red you can imagine ... to be styled after inspirational drawings from Art City participants ... I just can't wait to see how it all turns out! 

Hope to see you locals out this month!
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The season begins ...

After a long and stitchless summer, craft sale season has finally started rolling around and I've been busy at work in the studio once again. The Winnipeg Etsy Street Team sale was the first of the season a couple weeks ago and it was a great taste of what is to come.  Thanks to Caitlin for the great photos for the team!

My little helper was with me throughout the day encouraging folks to take home creatures, especially her favorites, the catties.

The next sale will be the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard sale on November 30th and then Fa La La the very next day on December 1. More details to come for those shows.
For those of you who aren't local, I am thinking about opening my own storefront for the handmade goodness of marathon1981 ... but one thing at a time!


Happy Easter!


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